What We Do

As "The Holiday Shoppe" traveler you desire a very rich experience, independence, not indulgence and excitement in your perfectly balanced holiday. We aspire to cater that need of a well balanced holiday across the globe.

Wildlife Safari Today, with urbanization across the globe and our lives get faster and faster, why don't you travel far from your busy world to the unspoiled natural beauty seeking peace and tranquility with a diversified topography that includes rich and varied wildlife destinations. A quarter of India's total geographical area is under forest coverage that supports a huge wildlife population. The Holiday Shoppe caters to take you to the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of the country that provide shelter to a huge variety of wildlife. Our clients get the feel and touch of the surroundings by staying within and outside the proximity of famous Indian wildlife sanctuaries and national parks and cherish the beauty of great Indian wilds at close quarters.

India is also an ideal destination for the adventure traveler too.