What We Do

As "The Holiday Shoppe" traveler you desire a very rich experience, independence, not indulgence and excitement in your perfectly balanced holiday. We aspire to cater that need of a well balanced holiday across the globe.

Floating Holidays If you have found your inner calling to discover the globe by sea then why not get going on journeys such as Columbus or Vasco-da-Gama did? There is always something new to discover for a lifetime. We would love to set you sail to a whole new world of adventure. Imagine spending your holiday floating aboard a massive ship that is practically a city in itself. You can cherish all your wonderful moments of your holiday with the vastness of the Ocean or earn an extra buck in an in-house Casino or get pampered to the finest wines and cuisines of the world. There is no end to what all you can indulge in on the Ocean Cruises. At, The Holiday Shoppe you can opt to charter a powerful private yacht or choose a traditional wooden sailing yacht to explore and touch the scenic beauty of the ocean, of creeks and ports from island to island, you can enjoy the sea and the islands with authenticity and charm.

There are many geographic options to choose from for your floating holidays. Your choice to sail in the Greek, Turkish or Croatian islands or the massive Mediterranean Cruises, Caribbean Cruises, Alaskan Cruises or exotic ones in South East Asia. Let us know your likes and we will take care of the rest.